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Choosing the right tools for the job is only one part of the considerations that go in to any construction job. Choosing and implementing the right fasteners for the job is just as important as the tool in your hand. Regardless of the materials that you work with at your jobsite, Abilene Fastener Supply has the right fasteners to ensure a job well done.



We carry a full range of nails for use with wood, metal, roofing, and drywall. We also have you covered whether you need loose, collated, or auto feed nail delivery.



Abilene Fastener Supply has the screws that you need for any job. We offer screws and anchors for use with any material including drywall, wood, metal, roofing, stone, and concrete. We offer our screws in loose and auto feed varieties.

Specialty Fasteners


Sometimes the job at hand requires a specialty fastener to get it done. Specialty fasteners also includes fasteners that serve a specific purpouse but that might not be needed on a day to day basis. Some of the items we carry include capped roofing nails, staples of all sizes, joint plates, pins, sockets, clamps, and much more.

Adhesives & Sealants


We carry only the strongest and durable adhesives and sealants on the market. Our products include caulk, epoxy, and glues for use with all types of construction materials. We also carry a full range of adhesive application devices.